CSS will collaborate with family and business advisors to fully understand the needs of the client, and where appropriate, compile a short list of jurisdictions from which to operate.  In order to facilitate the establishment of the client’s interests, CSS, in conjunction with advisors, will undertake the actions necessary to secure timely responses from governmental and regulatory agencies required to proceed with the business plan.

Equipped with a full understanding of the desired profile of service provider, CSS will coordinate introductions on behalf of our clients.   Please see below the key controls imposed by CSS upon itself.


In an effort to continually operate as a support system for our clients, CSS provides introductions to service providers for clients if requested.  In all cases, a screening process of the desired financial institution or professional profile will be undertaken.  This will include the provider’s size relative to balance sheet, the global versus niche nature of the business, the array of services and jurisdictional coverage offered, and the business focus.  This profile will drive the creation of a targeted list of service providers that are compatible with the CSS client.  It is important to note that:

  1. This targeted list of service providers is generated independent of any client relationships;
  2. Client vetting is encouraged to facilitate final screening before a service provider is contacted; and
  3. All fees are negotiated directly with the (potential) service providers.